Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Use Less Skincare & Improve Your Skin

Have you been to the skincare section in a large department store lately? Good God! There are so many different products!

Incredible marketing and business acumen. They’re money making machines.

With that many products I’m not sure I’d have time to eat, shower and go to work. My days would be spent rubbing lotions and potions into my skin.

So what’s the reason for all these products? Have you ever wondered?

According to the marketing, all of these products serve different problems. Is that really necessary?

I just checked the Clarins website and they currently have 46 different moisturisers! Why on earth would you need 46 different moisturisers? How many different skin types are there?

As a business strategy, it’s brilliant. If the one you buy doesn’t work for you, you still have 45 more to try before you go onto another brand and try something else. That’s potentially 45 times more income, but unfortunately, not 45 times better for your skin.

When you have high quality products that really work, you don’t need a large range. You simply need what works. And what works for the rebuilding of your Acid Mantle and all of the deeper layers, is pretty consistent and well defined.

When your products contain toxic ingredients that are designed for economical benefit to the company who makes them and not designed with the health of your skin in mind, you cannot rebuild anything within the skin. All you can do is have beautiful textures and exquisite fragrances, giving the appearance of great skincare.

All the while on a biological level, your skin not only sees no tangible improvement, but most often will decline over time, causing product swapping to occur; hence, the commercial requirement for 46 moisturisers.

You don’t need a different treatment for under your eyes and another for your neck and another for your chin and another for your cheeks and another for forehead.

What you need is high quality, effective skincare that will work to rebuild your skin’s natural hydration mechanisms wherever you use it, so that your skin can come to hold its own hydration. That’s one of the main purposes of the Acid Mantle, to hold your skin’s hydration and to fight bad bacteria, hence making your skin resilient and able to take care of itself.

Using “hydrating” moisturisers that contain chemicals and preservatives that will actually cause the integrity of your Acid Mantle to break down is an oxymoron.

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Sylvia T. VIC

Love the support, love the information on this site and truly believe the Living Skincare range is the end of the road. No more searching, my skin loves it!

Karen S. NSW

I have to say, that I am incredibly impressed with the skincare. I'm not sure if I'm imagining things, but there is a definite 'polish' to my skin already; dare I say 'glow'? My skin feels incredibly clean and without a hint of tightness.

Samantha W. VIC

When I was asked to write a testimonial, I didn’t know where to start. I love this range of skincare and the only way I can describe it is that it really is the end of searching for something that will finally work.

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