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How much skincare should I use throughout The 8 Week No Makeup Challenge?

Throughout The 8 Week No Makeup Challenge, you will find your skin will need more product than during the maintenance phase.

For optimum results, it is essential that you offer your skin as much product as it needs. Don’t hold back. Indulge your skin with the rich nutrients and active ingredients found in the Living Skincare range and you will reap the rewards.

The more abundantly you use the range throughout this phase, the greater will be your success.

The 8 Week No Makeup Challenge is an act of giving to your skin and loving it back to health.

Lavish it with the powerful goodness of the Living Skincare range and enjoy this brand new skin experience.

What sunscreen should I use and when?

Always be sure to wear sunscreen if you are in the sun for some time.

The sun is not your enemy. A little bit of sun is very health giving to your skin. Avoid sunburn at all costs.

We highly recommend investing in a toxic free sunscreen that has no nanopeptide particles.

Unfortunately there is no sure way of defining this as some companies do not label the use of nano-peptides.

We use and recommend UV Natural which can be found at most health stores.

Most conventions sunscreens use toxic chemicals that can be more dangerous than a little sunshine.

Invest in a stylish, pretty hat and wear it whenever you can.

Do moisturisers with SPF work?

This is a very common question I am asked. I would like to invite you to explore this yourself.

If you apply your moisturiser at 7am and then going out for lunch at 12 or 2 in the afternoon, how can your skin still be protected?

Using moisturisers and makeup with SPF factors can be very deceiving and leave us with the false impression that we are protected from the sun all day long.

Buy a pretty hat and wear it on your lunch break.

Can I use other skincare products with my Living Skincare range?

I highly recommend you eliminate all toxic chemicals from your personal care regime and do not use your Living Skincare range in conjunction with any other skincare products.

Using products with preservatives and other toxic ingredients WILL reduce results of Living Skincare.

Should I rinse off the Instant Skin Correction Serum or dilute it?

Absolutely not!

Your Instant Skin Correction Serum is a concentrated serum and must never be diluted. After cleansing please ensure your skin is completely dry prior to using your serum.

Can I apply the Instant Skin Correction Serum with my fingertips?

No. The Instant Skin Correction Serum must be applied to a fine quality cotton pad, holding the nozzle of the atomiser on the cotton pad and spraying 13-15 times for perfect saturation.

The firm rubbing, whilst supporting your skin, is essential for perfect results. The firm movement helps the serum to activate, being perfectly absorbed by your precious skin cells, whilst removing surface damaged cells gently and effectively.

When your skin appears warm, this is a perfect time to check if your cotton pad is still moist. If your cotton pad is dry and you have time, repeat this step a couple more times. The result will be the softest, smoothest skin, radiating a real aliveness.

This surpasses any beauty therapy treatment and is so health giving to your skin, continuously adding to long term benefits.

Is the Instant Skin Correction Serum a toner or like a toner?

No. Using the serum as a toner is a total waste of your resources.

The Instant Skin Correction Serum is a powerful product developed to host such incredible change to your skin’s most essential layer, the Acid Mantle.

Using it abundantly and correctly will give you a brand new skin experience.

Can I rinse my Nutrient Rich Recovery Exfoliant with water?

For optimum results, do not dilute your exfoliant.

Instead, use your Instant Skin Correction Serum to create a easy to apply paste.

See How to Use Videos for detailed information regarding this.

When your exfoliant is no longer sticking to your fingertips, begin to roll it off over the bathroom basin. Spray a cotton pad 7 times with your Instant Skin Correction Serum and remove any leftover residue.

Apply your Multi-Active Recovery Moisturiser or Vitamin C Skin Remedy.

Do I need a separate eye cream, neck cream?

This is an excellent question and if you were to look through a magazine, walk through a department store or chemist, the answer would have to yes!

Why? Because there are so many types of products available to us that in our own minds, they become a necessity.

Our own research shows the skin does not require specialty creams of different consistency and texture to support its health, along with its short and long term beauty.

For a more detailed answer to this question click here.

Using a moisturiser and skincare program which feeds the skin’s Acid Mantle back to optimal health, is the real answer to this question.

Use your Multi-Active Recovery Moisturiser under your delicate eye area and it will show you perfect short term and long term results.

How do I use my Soothing Botanical Cleanser?

For detailed guidelines, see How to Use Videos

Spray your Soothing Botanical Cleanser several times onto moist fingertips and massage your face using circular upward movements. Rinse with warm water. Repeat to remove heavy makeup. For the delicate eye area, apply a small amount onto a moistened cotton pad and wipe gently over the eye area.

How do I use my Nutrient-Rich Recovery Exfoliant?

For detailed guidelines, see How to Use Videos

Apply the equivalent of a five cent piece onto the palm of your hand. Spray your Instant Skin Correction Serum onto the exfoliant until you have a perfect, easy to apply paste. Not to runny and not to thick.

Spread liberally over your skin. If you are experiencing difficulty applying your Nutrient-Rich Recovery Exfoliant, add a little more serum.

The application should be effortless. Continue by gently massaging the exfoliant into your skin for a few moments.

Pat your skin until the exfoliant feels less sticky.

Begin to remove the exfoliant from your skin using a circular rolling action with your fingertips. Be sure to support your skin.

Apply 10 sprays of your Instant Skin Correction Serum onto a fine quality cotton pad and begin to remove any excess exfoliant.

Use your favourite Living Skincare moisturising treatment to further hydrate and protect your skin.

You will feel the powerful results immediately. Your skin will feel healthier, moist and alive.

How do I use my Instant Skin Correction Serum?

For detailed guidelines, see How to Use Videos

Cleanse using your Soothing Botanical Cleanser and dry your skin thoroughly.

Use only a fine quality cotton pad and hold the atomiser onto the pad, as you spray your Instant Skin Correction Serum 13-15 times, for perfect saturation.

Begin by massaging your skin firmly with the soaked cotton pad until it begins to feel warm.

When your skin appears warm, this is a perfect time to check if your cotton pad is still moist. If your cotton pad is dry and you have time, repeat this step a couple more times. The result will be the soft, smooth skin which is radiating real aliveness.

The above commitment surpasses any beauty therapy treatment you can think of and is so health giving to your skin, which is continuously adding to long term benefits.

For optimum results use only the Living Skincare range of products, eliminating all toxic chemicals from your skin care program.

How do I use my Multi-Active Recovery Moisturiser?

For detailed guidelines, see How to Use Videos

Apply an adequate amount of Multi-Active Recovery Moisturiser to all areas of your face, eye, neck and décolletage.

This skin formulation may be used day or night, depending on the needs of your skin. When treating specific conditions (severe dehydration, dryness or scarring), alternate with the Living Skincare Vitamin C Skin Remedy.

How do I use my Vitamin C Skin Remedy?

For detailed guidelines, see How to Use Videos

To treat severe dehydration, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles and skin with any signs of scarring, apply 3 drops of your Vitamin C Skin Remedy to your fingertips and continue to massage your skin gently and thoroughly until all your product has penetrated.


What is the Acid Mantle?

The skin’s first line of defence against the outside world is called the Acid Mantle. This is the first protective layer of the skin. It is an entire eco system and is an essential part of your skin.

Inside this fine eco system there are many tiny little residents living there called “micro-flora” (good bacteria). These micro-flora are very beneficial and health giving to your skin’s internal environment and support the balance of this eco system.

The environment they foster is also unpleasant to many other foreign bacteria and therefore plays a critical role in the protection of the body and the skin from bad bacteria.

It’s common sense that a healthy Acid Mantle helps prevent breakouts, acne and other skin irritations such as inflammation. Healthy, clear skin needs a healthy Acid Mantle. After all, the Acid Mantle is “the boss of your skin.” Compromising the Acid Mantle, by using harsh, toxic skin care products and invasive beauty treatments is a sure way of lowering your skin’s natural defence mechanism.

The integrity of the Acid Mantle is also critical to optimal skin hydration. The long term breakdown of this protective layer leaves the skin vulnerable, overly sensitive and prone to dehydration, flakiness, excessive oiliness, oversensitivity, wrinkles and fine lines, just to name a few.

A healthy Acid Mantle is essential for healthy, radiant skin.

There are many creams and beauty treatments in the market place that suggest they can replace the collagen or stimulate it topically. Is this true?

"That won’t happen. That’s just marketing. Without going into the deeper biochemistry of it all, it won’t and can’t happen that way. Because collagen production has to come from the inside it has to be inside. I shouldn’t say it can’t happen but the state of medical and science and technology right now is not at the point where we know how to increase collagen production in skin from the exterior." Ron Rosedale MD. World Metabolic and Anti Ageing Expert

Is there any way I can increase and repair the collagen in my skin?

The most effective way to repair collagen in your skin is to put your body into Maintenance and Repair mode from the inside and then you can begin to repair collagen.

For more information on this, please see The Happy Hormone Diet

Are AHA, BHA, Glycolic Peels, Chemical Peels, Salicylic Peels safe and good for my skin?

The simple answer to this question is NO!

Glycolic Peels, Chemical Peels, AHA, BHA Peels or even simply using soap consistently on our skin day after day, breaks down and scrapes away the Acid Mantle; our skin’s most important and essential layer.

It’s important to remember your Acid Mantle is “the boss of your skin." If it is compromised your skin is in trouble.

A damaged or compromised Acid Mantle = skin problems.

A healthy Acid Mantle = Skin Health.

Skin Health = radiant skin that is clear, alive, strong and beautiful. See The 8 Week No Makeup Challenge.

Peels may make your skin feel better for the short term, but they are in fact weakening your skin and making it susceptible to skin problems, such as breakouts, sensitivity and ageing.

The more we break down the delicate Acid Mantle, through the use of invasive beauty and cosmetic treatments, the more we are harming our skin’s capacity to be beautiful and healthy.

Can I use my Living Skincare products with other skincare products?

The simple answer is no.

The Living Skincare range has been developed to restore and rebuild your precious Acid Mantle back to optimal health. There are no preservatives or toxic chemicals in our skincare range whatsoever. This is essential to ensure the health of your Acid Mantle. If you include other skincare ranges which are laden with preservatives and other toxic chemicals, you will affect the efficacy of the Living Skincare range. It's like going on a health diet, but continuing to eat junk food.

Stay clear of skincare products, even ranges that claim to be ‘certified organic’. If they have a 2 or 3 year use by date – beware!

How can I tighten sagging skin on my face?

Most of us have heard about collagen and we would like to help you take care of this essential protein, not only for the beauty of your skin, but for your body as a whole.

Healthy collagen helps your skin look and feel plump and healthy (collagen is a fibrous protein that is the basis for the structure of your skin, tendons, bone, cartilage and all other connective tissue).

Applying ‘miracle’ Vitamin C products, laden with toxic chemicals is not only promoting the ageing of your skin by compromising the Acid Mantle, it is also affecting your overall wellbeing.

Many of the toxic chemicals found in skin care products have been linked to breast cancer. Looking and feeling beautiful does not need to have ANY detrimental consequences. That is a FACT.

As you read through the information on this website you will begin to see and understand that your beauty is directly related to your level of stress, your diet and your skincare products.

Furthermore you will see how easy it is, with the information you will find right here, to kick start your body and skin back to health and beauty. You will also begin to awaken to the scientifically proven fact that it is not so much what we put into our bodies which affects our health, but rather, how effective our body is at communication; communication between the cells and all the parts of our body.

Therefore, even though Vitamin C has powerful antioxidant properties, it isn’t about taking or applying more Vitamin C alone. In fact, we could be buying topical Vitamin C and taking a Vitamin C supplement to help our skin and body and yet the body simply doesn’t know how to use it, leaving us wasting our precious time and money.

Hormones control everything; your ageing, your weight, your health and sagging skin!

For more information see The Happy Hormone Diet

Preventing or improving sagging skin is not about taking or applying more of anything, not even the world’s next miracle product.

It is a shift in your own way of seeing your beauty and your health.

Let’s begin here: The antioxidant properties of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and its role in collagen synthesis make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health.

So now that we know that, we want to make sure we take the world’s best Vitamin C supplement and that our body knows what to do with it. A great brand – MH Enhance Poly C.

Nature always knows best.

Rosehip oil is an outstanding source of topical Vitamin C.

When purchasing Rosehip oil, the easiest way to assess its purity (which directly affects the results) is to smell the oil and to observe the colour. Rosehip oil smells strong! It isn’t meant to smell like roses. Rosehip oil products that smell ‘nice’ have been processed. We recommend you stay away from them.

Rosehip oil that is pure has a dark reddish colour to it. Often companies process the oil to remove the strong smell and this leaves the oil looking much lighter. The processing of the oil diminishes it’s therapeutic effects.

So both dietary and topical ascorbic acid also has some beneficial effects on skin cells, and some studies have shown that Vitamin C may even help prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV)-induced photodamage. Depending on the dose, UV light can cause cell death and an inflammatory response.

Yet keep in mind it is isn’t about giving the body more of any internal supplement or topical product. It is about the body’s capacity to use what we offer it which holds the vital key. For more information see The Happy Hormone Diet

How is the Living Skincare Vitamin C Skin Remedy different to other Vitamin C products on the market?

Living Skincare makes all of its clients one important promise.

All of our skincare is developed and manufactured to work with the intelligence of the body and only the world’s purest and most sustainable ingredients are used.

Our Vitamin C Skin Remedy has been developed using the worlds purest and most effective Rosehip oil. In addition, pure essential oils have been used to promote skin cell health.

How do I get rid of bags or puffiness under my eyes?

Adrenal fatigue can often be a cause of puffy circles under your eyes. The adrenal glands are very important little glands that sit on top of your kidneys. They are responsible for the fight or flight response in our body, thereby increasing adrenaline and cortisol production. No matter what the cause, your body sees stress as an emergency.

In its normal function, cortisol (a hormone excreted by the adrenal glands) helps us meet challenges by converting fats and proteins into energy, keeping us alert, balancing electrolytes, calibrating heart beat and pressure, and counteracting inflammation. In the short run, that’s great. It can even be protective and restorative.

However, problems can develop as today’s relentlessly busy lifestyle forces your adrenal glands to be on constant “high alert” resulting in sustained high levels of cortisol.

This is extremely dangerous and damaging to both your health and your beauty.

In a fight or flight response, cortisol is essentially sending a message to all the processes within the body saying, "Emergency! Calling all biological resources... stop work immediately and come under my direct control. We have a crisis at hand and we need to place all of our energy, attention and direction toward that."

So then sustained high cortisol levels are dangerous because they:

  • Slow down healing and normal cell regeneration
  • Co-opt parent molecules needed to make other vital hormones
  • Impair digestion, metabolism and mental function
  • Weaken our immune system

When your adrenals are required to continuously respond to stress, eventually they begin to struggle to produce cortisol, as well as other important hormones such as DHEA (anti ageing hormone) and the sex hormones progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. This difficulty in producing hormones becomes especially critical as women enter peri menopause and menopause and needs more and more the full support of her adrenals to prevent extreme sex hormone fluctuations.

How to help heal your adrenal glands and love yourself back to health and beauty.

Sleep. Resist the temptation to burn the candle at both ends! Getting 8-10 hours a night of sleep is one of the best ways to restore your adrenal glands. It’s best to turn in early if you can. Drink herbal tea or consider a natural herbal supplement to help you wind down. And if you need one and can, take a nap during the day.

Modify your exercise. Exercise is highly beneficial for every person. However, excess exercise can have detrimental effects on your hormonal health and cause adrenal exhaustion and other hormonal relatives challenges. Relaxing walks, yoga, or any kind of exercise that restores you instead of drains you is perfect for adrenal health.

Learn how to eat to keep your hormones happy and you will experience a profound sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. This scientifically proven method of eating is perfect for healthy adrenals and a healthy you. See The Happy Hormone Diet

Understand stress and the role it satisfies in our everyday life.

Understand the catastrophic consequences of stress not only on your body but also your beauty.

Discover how to access the deeper You and find relief from stress and its consequences. Go to www.beingthechange.com.au


Understanding life’s deeper purpose opens up regions within that we have forgotten as we have put ourselves to sleep. Life becomes a meaningless chore and we may be often looking for the next fix of happiness. This core stress that often lays unseen can manifest as depression, apathy and lack of energy. Often it manifests as adrenal fatigue. Dive in deep and find your real purpose. Go to www.beingthechange.com.au

What can cause Adrenal Fatigue and baggy and puffy eyes?

  • Lack of sleep
  • Work Stress
  • Conflict
  • Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Toxic Relating
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Reliance on caffeine and non fibre carbohydrates
  • Digestive Problems
  • Too Much Exercise – surprise!
  • Illness, Infection, Surgery
  • Unresolved Emotional Issues
  • Overwhelming Responsibilities
Is it true what dermatologist say, that diet doesn’t affect acne?

The most honest and simple answer is no.

Acne has everything to do with hormones and hormonal changes within the body. There is a greater incidence of acne during the adolescent years and teen years and around puberty. It's common sense, hormones must be involved. Acne has been scientifically linked to one major hormone insulin.

Does what we eat effect insulin? Powerfully!

Insulin levels fluctuate with every meal we eat. You can consider every meal basically a hormone, because it affects the two major hormones that are affecting every hormone in your body and so the most powerful hormone that you do have power over and can directly influence is your diet. What you eat is certainly going to affect acne. For more information see The Clear Skin Diet

Why are so many adult women experiencing ‘adult acne’?

Adult acne is a hormone dysfunction. There’s really nothing hormones will not affect. Acne is actually one of the major, most easily identifiable results of hormone dysfunction.

Women have a tool to change their health, their mind and their skin for the better, in an extremely powerful way; far more than drugs, fillers or even surgery could even dream about.

Just by changing one’s diet and maybe taking a few supplements, really powerful things will happen and it will affect every hormone in your body.

For more information see The Clear Skin Diet



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